Best 5 Digital Marketing Agencies in Midnapore, West Bengal

If you're looking to boost your business, you can try the following Top 5 Internet Marketing Agencies in your Midnapore, West Bengal area.

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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  • Web Development
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Business Booster Digital Marketing Agency

Business Booster Digital Marketing Agency

Summary of Business Booster Digital Marketing Agency

Business Booster Digital Marketing Agency is committed to delivering the best digital marketing services for businesses. As a digital marketing team, they specialize in helping businesses reach a targeted audience and also assist small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their services include personal branding on social media, creating attractive websites, and optimizing SEO to reach a wider audience.

They offer various social media marketing services, including Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, Telegram marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and Twitter marketing. Additionally, they can help grow YouTube channels with subscribers, likes, and views.

Business Booster DMA provides website development, app development, and graphics design services. They emphasize the benefits of their services, particularly the importance of incorporating social media marketing into a business's overall marketing strategy. They highlight the ability to stay in consistent contact with customers and the level of personalization that digital data can provide.

Overall, Business Booster DMA is dedicated to helping businesses grow by leveraging digital marketing strategies and providing high-quality services.

Address Business Booster Office, Besides Atulmoni school, Malancha Main Rd, Kharagpur, West Bengal 721301
Business Type Marketing agency
Google Rating 5
Google Reviews 12
Data Liness

Data Liness

Data Liness: Helping Businesses Thrive Digitally

Are you struggling to establish your business's online presence in today's digital age? Data Liness understands the pain points faced by companies and is here to help every step of the way. From designing and developing your website to creating a successful digital marketing strategy, let Data Liness ensure your business doesn't fall behind.


  • Website design and development
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website redesign

Data Liness recognizes that every business is unique, which is why they take the time to understand each client's goals, target audience, and competition. By developing customized strategies tailored to specific needs, they guarantee effective plans for success.

Why Choose Data Liness:

  • Years of experience in the digital marketing industry
  • Proven track record of delivering successful results
  • Transparency with detailed progress reports
  • Focus on client goals and measurable impact

Don't just take their word for it – satisfied clients have praised Data Liness for their impressive expertise and results. From increasing online presence and website traffic to improving brand image and search engine rankings, their digital marketing services have helped businesses thrive.

Stay ahead of your competitors with Data Liness's innovative digital marketing solutions. Get in touch with them for the latest news and special offers. Data Liness is located in Midnapore, West Bengal, India.

Address Raja Bazar, Midnapore, West Bengal 721101
Business Type Marketing agency
Google Rating 5
Google Reviews 11
Social Viral | Digital Marketing

Social Viral | Digital Marketing

Social Viral | Digital Marketing: Unleashing Business Potential with Shoopy

Social Viral | Digital Marketing presents Shoopy, an all-in-one e-commerce solution for online and offline sales. Trusted by industry pioneers, Shoopy offers a range of features and tools to create and manage an online store. Key features include:

  • Ability to add multiple images and product descriptions
  • Bulk import and edit
  • Track and fulfill customer orders
  • Process returns and exchanges
  • Track and manage stock levels
  • Set up low stock alerts
  • Seamless and easy checkout experience
  • Publish app to Play Store and App Store
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Create and manage discounts, coupons, and WhatsApp campaigns
  • Integrate with official WhatsApp Cloud based APIs
  • IndiaMart integration for increased sales and revenue
  • User-friendly tools and resources
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Inventory management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Point of Sale system for in-store businesses
  • Comprehensive management of in-store sales and inventory
  • User-friendly tools and resources for entrepreneurs and partners
  • Customizable design and marketing tools
  • Plugins for enhanced functionality
  • Boost productivity with Shoopy Apps
  • Automate tasks and save time
  • Choose from a variety of awesome themes

Shoopy's e-commerce platform has transformed businesses, boosted sales, and unleashed growth potential. Entrepreneurs have leveraged Shoopy's robust features to create successful online businesses. The platform's user-friendly experience, wide selection of themes, and dedicated customer support have been highly recommended. Shoopy is more than software; it is a partner in success.

Shoopy also introduces new features to enhance user experience, such as Courier Rates Selection on the Shoopy App for optimizing shipping costs. Additionally, Microsoft Clarity provides free heatmaps to gain insights into user behavior on websites. Furthermore, Baat ai revolutionizes WhatsApp Business API communication, transforming the way companies engage with their audience.

For business success and a high return on investment, sign up to get the latest news on Shoopy from Clevup Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Address Kalgang, Sanjay videohall, Maliara, Midnapore, West Bengal 721101
Business Type Internet marketing service
Google Rating 5
Google Reviews 5


Address Send to your phone
Business Type Marketing agency
Google Rating 5
Google Reviews 42


Address Mahatabpur, Midnapore, West Bengal 721101
Business Type Advertising agency
Google Rating 5
Google Reviews 36

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